DON’T miss out on second homes cash – that is the message to groups and organisations in St Dogmaels.

Members of the village’s community council heard that so far the only successful application to Pembrokeshire County Council has been a £6,000 grant to the football club.

Money has been set aside to spend in the local community from a tax on second homes in the village and councillors are keen for groups to apply, otherwise risk losing the money.

There is still £14,763 available in the pot and this will now be carried over to the 2019-20 allocation.

Council clerk Sue Davies said: “It is really important that information is circulated about these grants to encourage local applications. Groups need to know it is there and where we stand.”

Councillors felt the process for applying was discouraging groups from coming forward and that they were receiving mixed messages from the county council

Cllr Jonathan Martin said: “From what we have just heard, it does suggest that this money is ring-fenced and will be carried over.

“However, I am still concerned that the money will fall into the general pot. The county council is on their uppers and they will want it. It feels like one hand does not know what the other is doing.”