MORE than £185,000 is owed by parents for school meals across Pembrokshire, a council report states.

The amount was revealed as a scrutiny committee discussed plans to increase the cost of school meals by 35 pence over the next three years. Some families owe up to £2,800.

The report for schools and learning overview and scrutiny committee on Thursday, January 31 adds that no primary pupil goes without a meal despite arrears.

But there are new proposals to ask parents more than 20 days in arrears to provide a packed lunch for their child or children until it is paid.

Other proposals due to be discussed include increasing the cost of a school meal by 10p from September – up to £2.45 for infant pupils, £2.55 for juniors and with a secondary free meal price equivalent of £2.60.

A 15p increase is suggested for the following year and another 10p after that.

It is in a bid to “eliminate the secondary school meal subsidy by April 2021 and reduce the primary subsidy to no more that £500,000 by April 2021.

Discounts for multi children families and those committing for the full school year of primary school meals, and paying by direct debit, will remain, adds the report.