PROPOSALS for a pet crematorium at Llechryd are being considered by Ceredigion planners.

Plans have been submitted to county council officials for a pet crematorium for domestic animals and office space for Grave Concerns at the Grade II listed Llwyhadda Chapel in the village.

The application states: “Llwynadda Chapel is a grade II listed building which has the original covings, architraves and various moulding within the building.

“At present the building is in very bad condition, by having a change of use it will allow the owner to financially be able to repair and maintain the building.

“The existing seating area and timber flooring is suffering from dry rot. The seating and flooring is to be removed and all salvageable seating is to be re used to repair the seating on the first floor. The existing steel posts and upper floor structure is to remain intact with the repairs needed to eradicate the dry rot.

“The building itself is of a high historic value yet there is a chance that the chapel will fall into disrepair if it is not in use, therefore, losing its value as an historic asset.

“By making these amendments to the building, in turn, makes the scheme less intrusive to the building and creates a more sustainable use for the property and for the local economy, resulting in a positive effect.”