In MY last column I wrote about the problems we had suffered with the blocking of the A 484 following devastating floods. The road has been reopened except for the fatal landslide that occurred near Cwmduad.

I commented that the Carmarthen County Council obviously did not think it necessary to issue a press report as to how long the road would remain blocked. But come on, it’s our main route eastwards.

Wanting to find out what’s happening, I e-mailed the press office of the council requesting information. Their reply was “ Please let me know what media organisation you are writing for.” So I told them.

But what this has to do with a simple request for information I really cannot see. Perhaps there are some media outlets that are black balled for whatever reason. I’d love to know.

Their next message was that Information is available on their newsroom . Take a very deep breath : new-year/#.W-QuDDMSYTIU Gulp of air. Well I told you it needed a deep breath.

Now who the heck knew that? The information given was clear and explanatory, so why hide it away instead of issuing a press release to the local newspapers so that those affected were informed?

If you haven’t already worked it out from the above here’s what that that long thing said, cutting out the bits that don’t concern us. The Carmarthen County Council is leading a multi-agency recovery operation to clear and reopen the A484 near Cwmduad.

Specialist geotechnical and drainage engineers have been assessing the site along with an arborist and advising on the work that needs to be completed before the road can be safely reopened.

Then there is information about bus services for the Cwmduad area. Due to the complicated nature of the operation it is unlikely that the work will be completed until the new year.

The B4333 can be used as an alternative route.

The description “the new year” is readily open to interpretation. So it could be several months and a minimum of two months before that part of the A484 is reopened.

Thus the B4333 is our only practical route, and winter approaches, with a potential for freezing fog, ice and perhaps snow. I don’t know about you but I avoid this road when there is any possibility of these weather problems.

One has to hope that the council keep a careful eye on the weather and take appropriate action with gritting etc.


OF course there other problems on the A484 in addition to the major one at Cwmduad. Just past the straight beyond Cynwyl Elfed the road is falling away and appears to be getting worse. The area is coned off.

Then just beyond Bronwydd there are long-standing traffic lights protecting an area which so far as I remember has never had any work done on it. Is the problem here the road falling away? Which was the case a little further along and which was repaired.

Now is it my eyesight or are there signs of the beginning of yet another falling- away?

I imagine these latter problems will be put aside until the landslide is cleared. But it seems that the A484 is rapidly becoming not fit for purpose until substantial finance and engineering skills become available.


DESPITE what The Trump thinks (if that is the right description) global warming is in rapid progress. With sea levels likely to rise and more rain storms causing rivers to overflow and low lying areas becoming water logged, it is hard to see what we can do to protect our area from the impact of recent heavy and persistent rain.

Some forward-thinking is necessary by the powers that be to provide financial support for the relevant authorities to come up with solutions to at least the most important areas.

Our rivers caused damage and a complete breakdown of our highway infrastructure., meaning we were to all intents and purposes cut off from the east for a period. We are still suffering to some extent.

So let’s hear what the Welsh Government has to offer, if anything.


AND finally:

Why is the fluff that is captured by the tumble dryer filter always light grey?

Why is Dove soap now called a beauty cream bar?