THE first ever Welsh language meditation album for kids has been launched.

Cyfeillion Cwtshlyd was co-created by Maggie Richards, a meditation teacher born and raised near Boncath. She is also co-writer of the meditations that launched Calm, iTunes App of the Year 2017.

The new album of animal-themed relaxation stories is called Blissful Buddies and aims to help young children aged three to six-years-old get the 10 to 12 hours of deep rest the National Sleep Council says they need, yet aren’t always getting.

Tucked up in bed, your child is gently guided into the snuggly world of Blissful Buddies – seven sleepy baby animals called Peaceful Puppy, Pretty Kitty, Ickle Chicky, Happy Bunny, Peaceful Panda, Diddy Ducky and Little Lamb

Blissful Buddies is borne of Maggie’s expert knowledge of relaxation and her deep love of animals, especially little furry ones.

After some slow breathing, a cuddly animal befriends your child then guides them to a serene bedtime scene. Regular repetition and rhyme engage young minds and help them learn the soothing messages.

Maggie, founder of Smiley Minds relaxation resources for kids, says: “Baby animals are among the gentlest and most innocent beings on earth. Who better to help our ‘babies’ feel safe and peaceful?”

Blissful Buddies is available in English, Welsh, and Spanish - narrated by actress, model and Unicef ambassador, Liz Solari. Ten per cent of sales will be donated to the WWF and Barnardo’s.

Blissful Buddies by Smiley Minds is available now on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify and GooglePlay.