THE trunk road A484 is an essential highway for us, as it is the main connection to the rest of south Wales. It is only when it cannot be used that we realise its significance as a vital piece of infrastructure.

The recent heavy rains demonstrated this. The road was closed for a short while at Llechryd, though the reports on the BBC News channel, red button, Wales indicated that it was closed for a protracted period.

There was obviously a misunderstanding somewhere, as it was the bridge leading off the A484 that was closed. So the BBC issued incorrect information that could and probably did confuse people that did not know the area.

The bridge at Cenarth was also closed for some while. Anyone thinking that both these areas could be avoided by going on the alternative road, the B4570, were in for a surprise as the bridge at Newcastle Emlyn was also closed.

So anyone desperate to get to Carmarthen, e.g. for an appointment at Glangwili Hospital, had to take to unfamiliar back roads.

Fortunately these pinch points were opened fairly quickly. However the A484 was still closed near Cwnduad due to a landslide, which killed a person who had got out of a bus when it stopped.

The road continues to be blocked as I write. Unfortunately Carmarthen County Council do not think it necessary to give out any information as to when the road is likely to be open again.

Surely a press release should be available so that everyone knows the score. Another council with a similar problem has done just that. So why is the Carmarthen council so uncommunicative?

If it were not for the B4333 (top road) we would still be in dire trouble. It means that this road has yet more traffic than usual. It is used by many as an alternative to the A484 as unlike that road it does not have ridiculous speed limits.

All the road outside built–up areas has a 50mph limit and the Saron/Rhos area is 30mph for 2.2 miles which is longer than from the Ridgeway roundabout, through the town to the Tesco junction..

This is because Carmarthen County Council has allowed ribbon development instead of insisting on in-depth development.

Unfortunately very large vehicles are now forced to use the B4333. I caught up with a car transporter lorry and followed it for miles, while huffing and puffing as I had Glangwili hospital appointment.

So come on Carmarthen council, tell us what’s happening.


AS far as I am concerned there is little for me on which to comment on in Cardigan. And it seems that this is the case for many townsfolk.

So speculation and rumours spring up. Following the McDonalds rumour the latest I’ve heard is that Aldi has purchased the old Sainsburys site and will be constructing a far larger store there.

The speculation continues that the existing Aldi building will be occupied by a pound shop type of store. Oh, and McDonalds will also locate on the new Aldi site as well.

So I thought it wise to seek information from the upper echelons of Aldi, which I did. I put these rumours forward and requested a response.

The answer I received in less than a day was from the Senior Account Director, who said “Hi John. Thanks for your e-mail. I’m afraid we don’t comment on speculation like this. Let me know if we can help further in the future.”

So a ”no comment” but not a definite “no.” So how do we interpret this reply? As a “you’ve jumped the gun sunshine?” Or as a “perhaps, perhaps, perhaps” rr a “wait and see”?

We’ll see.


AND finally, it is said that everyone has a strange friend. If you haven’t got one, it’s probably you.

DaI and Will who were always vying to be the village idiot were sitting on a wall one day, when Dai suddenly spurred up. “Do you know Will” he said “I’ve just looked on the calendar, and Christmas this year is on a Friday.”

Will cogitated for a moment than said” Hey, I hope it’s not the 13th.”