A CARDIGAN firm’s sponsored walk with a difference – pushing a lifesize plastic horse to Newcastle Emlyn and back - has raised thousands of pounds for a young girl diagnosed with cancer.

On hearing that work colleague Pam Wallace’s 11-year-old granddaughter Aleisha had been diagnosed with anaplastic large cell lymphoma (blood cancer), staff, family and friends of Thermatex (Vale Brothers Ltd) on Parc Teifi decided to do a sponsored walk with a difference.

With the company’s plastic horse – used for promotional work - mounted on a pallet on wheels, the group set off last Saturday morning from a cold Parc Teifi for the 22-mile push-pull trek to Newcastle Emlyn and return, with the last leg going through Cardigan town centre.

The group met with fantastic support along the route, raising £1,031 on the bucket collections donated by passing motorists and residents, plus more than £1,500 in sponsorship money.

On the return trip the group were greeted at Cenarth by Aleisha and her father Paul, who were on their way to Cardiff hospital where Aleisha was undergoing further treatment.

Thermatex factory manager Mark Kallenberg said: “The team wish to thank BV Rees for the loan of two support vehicles and to Brian Francis and Colin James for driving. Also thanks to Aldi and Premier of Cardigan for supplying drinks and snacks.

“Also, a special thanks to the Openreach engineer who as well as making a donation came to the rescue of walker Sophie Parr and repaired her broken glasses, Amy and Robert Pardoe who turned up just at the right time with hot coffee and tea - plus the gentleman who turned up with apples as he thought the horse was real!”