THE continuing problem of parking in St Dogmaels has again raised its head.

Pilot Street resident Paul White raised his concerns at a meeting of the village community council about the possible loss of parking spaces at the top of Pilot Street, where many local residents park.

Mr White said he believed that the sale of the site below Pilot Street was imminent and feared that any developers who moved in would incorporate the parking area, which he understood to be owned by Pembrokeshire County Council, into their scheme.

“This strip of land has always had 12 or 13 cars parked on it and if people on Pilot Street lose it, there is nowhere else for them to go and things will get worse than they already are. Everywhere is double yellow lines now,” said Mr White.

County councillor Mike James confirmed the land in question was owned by Pembrokeshire and that a fresh planning application would have to be lodged to build on it, even though existing plans showed it as part of a possible future development.

Cllr Phil Hutchings said: “We need written confirmation that Pembrokeshire owns that land. If developers encroach on it, it will be difficult to get it back.”

The council is to write to the county council expressing its concerns that permission has been given to developers to build on land that they do not own and highlighting the existing problems of parking in the village and the impact the loss of spaces would have.