CARDIGAN’S Tourist Information Centre could be under threat.

The centre, run by Ceredigion County Council, is currently situated at Theatr Mwldan but its role is now under review.

Cllr Catrin Miles told a meeting of the town council that she had asked for detailed information on the running costs and argued it was a vital service to Cardigan and the surrounding area.

The centre could be moved to the Castle, which is open seven days a week, but Cllr Miles added that staff would still need to be provided.

“We need staff, even on a part-time basis. I don’t think we can depend on volunteers,” she said.

“Cardigan is the second town in the county and the service is well used. We have things like the town map, app and WiFi but not everyone has a smart phone.”

A Ceredigion County Council spokesman said: “The council is currently reviewing the delivery of its Tourist Information Centre service in Cardigan in response to a reduction in the service’s budget.

“The council recognises the importance of visitor information provision in the town and alternative methods of delivering a service are currently being investigated so that visitor information is maintained in future.”

Cllr Clive Davies said: “I have spent time with the staff at the office and they do so much more than pointing out leaflets to people.

“They know the area well and can offer advice and help. We depend so much on tourism that it’s vital we keep the service in the town and maintain someone there.”

Mayor of Cardigan Cllr John Adams-Lewis said: “The county council should look after Cardigan the same as they look after Aberaeron. The centres should be treated in the same way and I am sure they can find the money to keep the place open.

“There should be funding for staff under the same conditions as it is now.”