AS planners prepare to make a decision on the extension to the Blaen Bowi wind farm campaigners have branded a new environmental statement on the scheme both "scandalous" and "ludicrous".

"It even suggests that birdsong and croaking frogs are louder than the noise from the windfarm as it is now. This is simply scandalous ," said one objector, John Roworth, of Blaen Bran.

The scheme by Windjen to add three new turbines to the three they already have on the site near Capel Iwan will be considered again by Carmarthenshire's planning committee on Thursday. The matter was deferred in May to allow time for the new environmental information to be collated.

But members of the Blaen Bowi Action Group say a supplementary environmental statement, published this summer, has "very little real substance" and does not resolve long-standing problems about noise.

In a letter to planners they claim that tonal noise from the existing turbines is still a problem for residents and that the latest report suggesting that the noise will be reduced by erecting more turbines is "ludicrous".

Group co-ordinator Mr Roworth said: "The noise report is not fair and reasonable and should be excluded from the application. Actually I would say that it is a total shambles."

Planning officers are recommending that committee members should refuse permission when they meet on Thursday. Officers say the development would have a "significant adverse effect" on the landscape on and around the site.