RECENTLY we had yet another complaint about speeding motorists in our area. This concerned the Llangoedmor/Croes y llan crossroads on the A484.

If motorists do speed along the A484 – as I believe they undoubtedly do – at “well over the speed limit” then indeed a solution has to be found.

Similarly on the by-pass, and on other town roads where speeding has become the norm solutions are necessary.

But are further speed limit signs likely to deter vehicles that appear to be on an urgent mission? Maybe a few, but the majority will continue to act as if rules don’t apply to them.

The answer is to have police speed checks. But have we had any? I think not. A few speeders taken to court and having large fines and their licences having mega points added, or better still having their licences revoked for a good period would be a far more potent message.

Speed limits would be adhered to by the law abiding, but not by thoughtless idiots.

On the A484 question, I travel down that stretch of road at or approaching the speed limit, but not exceeding it. ( I was “done” for speeding on the motorway about 20 years ago and the memory sticks).

At that speed I have adequate time to see and slow down if someone comes out of the side roads. Unfortunately some of that traffic then proceeds to phut-phut into town at exceedingly slow speeds causing frustration. So it isn’t necessarily all one-sided.

I hope the police read this and attempt to remedy the lack of police presence in these danger areas.


I WISH I could get into the head of the idiots who vandalise just about any and everything. Are they mentally and intellectually vacant? Are they rebelling against something or someone, or are such thoughts beyond their capabilities?

The latest incident happened at the Pentre Ifan monument. These iconic stones are off the beaten track. It isn’t as if some yobbos just happened to be passing and thought ‘yeah they look good for vandalising’. No, this was a deliberate and thought-out crime.

Now why would anyone want to damage this monument. Is it just because it is there? Why are shop windows smashed with what sometimes appear to be a hammer?

I can’t imagine previous generations doing such a thing. Maybe a picnic might have left a bit of paper – no, that would have been picked up. Vandalising in my day was chalking an insinuation on a wall that David loves Daisy and maybe an occasional highly inaccurate anatomical drawing.

Do the minority of today’s youth have nothing better to do than destroy?


WHICH leads me on to the unwarranted destruction of the toilets in Chancery Lane. Again a pre-planned crime. It takes a lot of effort and appropriate tools to smash a vandal-proof door.

Did some yob, or was it yobs think (I use the word in its widest sense) that it would be ” fun” to see just how vandal-proof it really was? Did they get their kicks seeing £1,300 worth of door damaged? Were they as dumb as the Andrex puppy in streaming toilet paper down the road?

I dunno, perhaps bringing back flogging isn’t such a bad idea. Oh dear that’s very un-PC.


AS I have said before I wish that Hywel Dda would tell us how construction of the new Integrated Health Centre is progressing.

Viewed from the road, over the safety/security wall, it seems that the majority of the ground work has been completed. Tall supporting steel reinforced concrete structures then appeared and now the enormously tall crane is lifting components as the building begins to take shape.

Surely this is a landmark event that Hywel Dda should have been proud to announce. Don’t they have a press office or PR department? For goodness sake keep us informed, we’ve waited long enough for this facility.


HYWEL Dda’s plan to construct a new hospital and to take away the A&E from Glangwili is an abysmal idea.

It will increase our distance from an A&E though by how much is debatable as no announcement has yet to be made on the hospital’s exact location.

I wonder what other facilities will be lost when “restructuring” takes place, as it inevitably will.