THE decision by Lloyds Bank to close its branch at Newcastle Emlyn has provoked an angry response from a leading councillor for the way the decision has been reached.

The bank at Cawdor Terrace will close in January, following NatWest and HSBC which have already closed their doors in previous years, while Barclays has also announced its closure, leaving the town with no high street banks.

The closures have been condemned by county councillor Hazel Evans, who has been further angered by Lloyds bank’s response to one customer who wrote to the bank in protest at the decision.

The customer, who has banked with Lloyds for more than 50 years, received a response from the bank which said: “We carry out an impact assessment before any decision is reached and the impact assessment includes a visit to the branch and local area.

“We also engaged with elected representatives within the local community, such as MPs, councillors and businesses.”

Cllr Evans said: “I have had no contact with the bank whatsoever. They wrote to me as a customer but there has been no formal consultation.

“Neither have then been in touch with the local MP or Assembly Member. It makes me so angry.

“I also find it hard to believe the figures they quote as I have seen for myself how busy the branch can be. Banks should have some sort of moral obligation to the community they serve.

“How are businesses going to cope with paying in money or getting change? People may not want to bank online or may not have a good enough internet signal to do so and will now have to travel to Cardigan or Carmarthen.

“I will be writing to the bank to voice my concerns.”