AN AUDACIOUS burglar from Cardigan broke into a house while the occupier was sitting in the lounge using his mobile telephone.

The man thought the person moving in the kitchen was one of his sons but leapt into action when he heard Stephen Butcher unlocking the back door to make his escape.

Butcher, aged 27, of Windrush, Cilgerran Road, admitted burglary with intent to steal and was jailed for nine months.

Craig Jones, prosecuting, told Swansea crown court that in the early hours of August 6 Butcher got into a house in Ash Grove, Carmarthen.

The householder was in the lounge and didn't realise his home was being burgled.

"He thought his son had come downstairs and said, 'what are you doing boy?'

"The defendant did not reply but used a key to unlock the back door and leave," said Mr Jones.

The occupier immediately left by the front door and saw Butcher emerging from an alley.

He grabbed hold of him and marched him back to the house before telephoning the police.

Butcher's barrister, James Hartson, said his behaviour had been bizarre and he now had little memory of the incident.

Judge Geraint Walters told Butcher, "Can you imagine the trauma in that house when the children learn that dad had chased a burglar?

"In the cold light of day maybe you can understand what a terrifying experience it must have been."