Jim Bowen will be writing a monthly column for the Tivyside Advertiser documenting the highs and lows of running Clynfyw Care Farm, between Abercych and Boncath. In this first column, he highlight's the farm's apple juicing service

“WE juiced nearly 3,500 bottles of apple juice for over 130 people last year and it looks like we will be doing even more this year,” said Trevor Skippins, Clynfyw Care Farm’s head apple juicer.

Jim Bowen, Clynfyw’s manager, added: “With 250 of our own apple trees, we make and sell a lot of our own juice, but we also offer a community juicing service for people with their own apple trees.

“We were worried during the drought because a lot of trees started dropping their fruit, but since then the weather has been ideal for apples and many people are reporting bumper harvests.”

Clynfyw has many projects running throughout the year, including horticulture, drama, football, crafting, swimming, bushcrafting and re-housing rescue chickens but other projects are seasonal.

At this time of year charcoal-making is winding down just as the apple juicing picks up.

While a focus of each project is to produce a quality product, the main reasons for doing them is to provide opportunities to teach new skills, boost self-esteem, have fun and help people lead fulfilled and meaningful lives.

“We import vast quantities of apple juice into Wales each year,” said Jim.

“Yet there are so many trees here that are not picked and the fruit falls wasted. Drinking a local product is excellent for the environment. We don’t charge a lot for the service, but it is a viable small business in its own right.

“We would love to see other groups set up their juicing schemes in their own communities around West Wales. There is certainly the demand.”

If you would like more information about the Clynfyw community apple juicing project, get in touch with the Clynfyw team on 01239 841236.