THE public toilets at Poppit Sands are ‘not fit for purpose’ and a ‘disgrace’.

And now St Dogmaels Community Council is looking to step up the pressure on Pembrokeshire County Council, which is responsible for the building, and Pembrokeshire National Park Authority to upgrade the toilet block and to also include disabled and baby-changing facilities.

“The toilets are awful and just not fit for purpose,” said council chairman Cllr Jo Hutchings. “Even the actual size and layout of the ladies’ cubicles just does not work.

“Women can barely get in them and if you are pregnant or have children then you have no chance of closing the door.

“This is nothing to do with the cleanliness – the cleaner does a good job – but you cannot make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear. They are just a disgrace and it's not right.”

Cllr Gill Wislocka agreed, adding: “People are paying to parking there and they are earning an income so they should invest in it.”

The community council is inviting representatives from the county council, parks authority and cleaning contractors Danfo to a site meeting to highlight the problems, especially at the height of the summer season with thousands of people flocking to the beach.

“As a prestigious beach with Blue Flag status, could we not have some sort of temporary toilet facilities?” asked Cllr Phil Hutchings.

“Is it a purely financial matter or do they not want people who come down here spending their money to have decent facilities?”