THREE kayakers were rescued by Cardigan lifeboat crew after getting into trouble and swept on to rocks near the Cliff Hotel yesterday afternoon (Wednesday, August 1)

The three paddlers had gone out from Patch and had got to the point of the bar at the mouth of the river when they were caught by the current.

It is understood a couple of the kayakers ended up in the water before managing to scramble on to the rocks.

The alarm was raised at 1.50pm and the Atlantic-class boat launched from the RNLI station at Poppit Sands at 2pm. The three kayakers were all recovered safely and taken to the pontoon at Patch. None of them were injured or required medical treatment.

Two of the kayaks were recovered by the Atlantic boat and taken in to Patch, while the third kayak was brought back to the lifeboat station by the D-class lifeboat, which had also launched in response to the incident.