A REQUEST by Cardigan Town Council to use water from the neighbouring toilet block at Victoria Gardens to water the plants and flowers has gone down the pan.

The town council is now responsible for maintaining the area, having taken on the responsibility from Ceredigion County Council, and has spent a considerable sum on planting flowers and shrubs, cutting the grass and general maintenance.

Recent figures in the town council budget showed it spent more than £2,500 for flowers at Victoria Gardens and on planters in the town.

Clerk Wynford Jones told a meeting of the town council that the plants are currently watered from a bowser.

“There is a tap in the toilets at the corner of Victoria Gardens and the handyman suggested getting a key to use that water,” said Mr Jones.

“We phoned Ceredigion County Council to ask if we could have a copy of the key but were told not unless we pay for the water we use, despite the fact that Ceredigion still owns the site.”

A letter from Ceredigion facilities manager Paul Williams said the supply at the toilets is metered by Welsh Water and if the county council was to allow the use of the tap it would require a meter reading to be taken every time by a member of the cleansing and services team.

He also pointed out that there could also be a hosepipe ban introduced if the current hot weather continues.

Councillors expressed their dismay and disappointment at the decision.