THE danger posed by speeding traffic in two areas of Cardigan has been raised at the town council.

A resident wrote in to argue that Gwbert Road towards Patch “was becoming more and more dangerous with the volume of traffic increasing” and that children especially would be put at risk with the holiday season approaching.

Problems on the road were first highlighted to highways bosses at Ceredigion County Council back in 2016 and councillors agreed to send another letter and to raise it with local police.

Cllr Sian Maehrlein also raised the problem of drivers speeding along Cnwcydintir.

"Where the entrance is to Grove Park there are a lot of disabled people there and someone is going to get hit on that corner as cars are travelling too fast," she said.

Cllr Debra Griffiths agreed, adding: "Cars also park there and wheelchair users can't get past on the pavement and have to go on the road. I nearly had an accident there as a car came round so quickly."

Cllr John Adams-Lewis said Ceredigion County Council had looked at the area before and did not think there was a problem but councillors agreed to ask highways bosses if they would put a speed check system in place to monitor the situation.