A DUSTY old suitcase tucked away in the top of a cupboard has been unearthed to reveal memorabilia from past Cardigan Carnivals.

The suitcase was found during a clear out by the town council and its contents have now been handed over to the reformed Cardigan Carnival Committee.

Among the items discovered are the old Carnival Queen crown, along with capes for the queen and attendants.

The last time they would have been worn would be back in 2000 when the last town carnival was staged before being revived last year.

Also found among the haul was a large shield donated by Cardigan LVA and which was presented to the best children’s float, while there was also the David Evans and Sons Perpetual Cup, thought to be one of several handed out to various groups in the town at the time.

Several rosettes were also discovered in the suitcase.

“It was great to find all this stuff and the old crown and capes will now be cleaned and worn at this year’s event,” said committee member Rowan O’Neill.

“It would also be nice if we could hear from people who were perhaps crowned Carnival Queen and can remember wearing that particular crown at the time and any stories associated with it.”