CONCERNS have been raised about the amount of debris wedged in the bridge over the River Teifi at Llechryd.

Huge tree trunks and other debris has been washed down and wedged in the bridge arches stretching right across the river.

“It is amazing the size of trees stuck on the bridge. I paced one out it was about forty foot long and it looked as if there were a couple of others which are about the same as well,” said one resident.

“I just wonder what sort of damage is being caused to the bridge’s structure and what will happen if we have further heavy rainfall. It's just like a dam.

“It has been like that for some time now and is just getting worse. It’s a ridiculous amount of rubbish wedged in there and needs sorting out quickly.”

A spokesman for Natural Resources Wales, which is responsible for maintaining the river, said it would look into the matter.