IS the ‘Croeso’ sign at the top of Priory Street in Cardigan the right way round?

That was the question asked at a meeting of Cardigan Town Council and one to which there seems to be no straightforward answer.

The sign went up as part of the Christmas lights display put together by the Carnival Committee to welcome people into the town in many different languages over the holiday period.

But a phone caller to the town council said the ‘Croeso’ welcome sign was facing the wrong way as you come into town up Priory Street.

Mayor Cllr Richard Jones said: “The sign was put that way for people walking through the town and looking from the Guildhall, down Priory Street. It was not put up for people driving into town.

“It might look wrong at the moment as there is only one such sign in the street but in the future when we put others up, it will make more sense.”

Cllr Marilyn Farmer said: “I think it’s in the right place but some traders think it’s wrong.”

Cllr Catrin Miles said: “Perhaps we could put that sign at the bottom of Finch's Square when you come into town. Whichever way, we are very grateful for all the work done on the designs – they have been excellent.”

The welcome lights are due to come down shortly but then go back up for Barley Saturday – but which way round remains to be seen!