CARDIGAN Community Bookshop/Leafed Through has distributed surplus funds to seven local charities.

The community bookshop was founded in February 2014 to provide a second-hand bookshop after the last remaining second hand bookshop in the town closed down.

It was established on a volunteer-only basis with the aim of using surplus funds to support literacy, educational, community supported projects and other local charities.

The distribution to so many charities demonstrated the success of the bookshop and the support that local residents and tourists have given to it over the first two years of its life.

The support has been greatly appreciated by both the bookshop and the projects supported.

It is open five days a week in winter and seven days a week during the peak summer season selling both second hand books and a range of new books written by local authors or published by local publisher

"As far as we know,” said chairman of volunteers, Guy Stoate, “we are the only true community bookshop in Wales.

"We support our community both by providing a service and then using all available funds to support it by assisting those organisations that work for all our benefit.

“The bookshop has been a tremendous success and we would like to thank the community for supporting us.”

The seven charities to receive financial support were:

Abaty 900

Care Society/Cymdeithas Gofal

Ceredigion Citizens Advice Bureau

Ceredigion Food Bank

Cruse Bereavement Counselling

PENfro Book Festival

West Wales Wildlife Trust