A BOOK put together by a Cardigan woman in celebration of the Welsh communities in Patagonia has gone on sale.

Stephanie Davies successfully completed Project Hiraeth after spending two months with Wales’ Patagonian colony.

She visited last March and April and spoke to the Welsh communities that are still going strong there.

In recent weeks she has been busy with launch events and school visits about the project.

From a reception at the House of Commons in London, to a reception in Cardiff held by Wales’ First Minister Carwyn Jones and the official book launch at the Rhosygilwen Mansion, she has been spreading the word.

Project Hiraeth looks at the documents and stories of the Welsh colony in Patagonia, Argentina and has been completed in time for 150th anniversary of the creation of the colony.

One-hundred-and-fifty-three Welshmen made the voyage to Patagonia and Stephanie said she was lucky enough to speak with their ancestors.

Talking about her top moments from the project ,Stephanie said: “The best part of the project was getting to experience the Welsh language and culture, it’s really difficult to believe until you’re actually there.

“The support from everyone has been important because without them this would not have happened.

"Having something to hold at the end with the book is a huge reward because so much work has gone into it. I feel very grateful for the support and the chance to experience this.”

The book Hiraeth: Stories from Welsh Patagonia is now available on Amazon, the Project Hiraeth website www.project-hiraeth.com and in Cardigan at the Castle as well as at Custom House.

Stephanie added: “I hope that people will understand more about the history of the voyage and that they have an insight into the Argentinians.

“The history and life of the Patagonians is done through short stories.

"This book is something you can dip in and out of and don’t have to read in one go.”

Project Hiraeth is published by Parthian Books.