Cardigan's new mayor has blasted the controversial Bathhouse plan as "sheer madness."

"This development which should have been near the by-pass will create traffic chaos in the town and we should continue to oppose it" said Cllr T Melfydd George at the mayor making ceremony on Tuesday.

He criticised the three county councillors who supported the plan in spite of strong local opposition and he believed Bathhouse was totally the wrong location for a new hospital.

"The bait for the development was a new hospital but this should be located near the by-pass and I believe the site of the existing hospital near Pont y Priordy would be ideal."

"If there's money earmarked for a new hospital, why can't it be spent on the existing hospital."

The mayor was equally scathing about the life threatening proposals to do away with the current Meals on Wheels service which involved local people delivering hot, locally produced meals and at the same time providing the all important personal touch.

"To contemplate having a German company providing frozen food produced in Thailand and South America at the expense of Welsh produce and local farmers prompts one to ask whether saving a few pounds has become more important than the health of our old folk? It appears that the more we pay in taxes, the fewer the services we get in return."

The new mayor was also concerned about plans for the Tesco junction.

"To talk of re-opening it more or less as it was is laughable when one considers the number of fatal and serious accidents which occurred there."

Favouring a roundabout solution, he said Cardigan deserved a better entry from the north than "a row of unwelcoming cones."

On a more positive note he praised the many improvements carried out in the town in the recent years. Improvement and regeneration work had transformed parts of the town and he wished the Cadwgan Trust well in its endeavours to secure the future of Cardigan Castle.

He was also delighted the boxing and bowling clubs were now able to boast wonderful new facilities and while calls for a new skate park had been realised, it was a shame that vandals seemed determined to spoil it for others.

This year's installation ceremony was held at Bethania Chapel As Cllr George's wife, Huldah was unable to take up the duties of Mayoress owing to ill health, these will be undertaken by their daughter-in-law, Geena George.

After placing the insignia of the past mayor on Cllr Wynne Evans, the Mayor appointed Ronnie and Roy Evans as mace bearers and the Rev Irfon C Roberts as his chaplain.

The deputy mayor for 2007-8 is Cllr David Lloyd Owen.

The civic service will be held at Bethania Chapel on Sunday at 10.30.