FORGIVE me for not sharing Mr Neil Davies’s amusement (Letters, May 19) on the front page article headlined “Concerns raised over hospital site” in your May 12 edition.

A minority of councillors (and individuals such as Mr Davies) regrettably continue to voice their disapproval of the chosen sight for the new facility to replace Cardigan Hospital. Not only that, they continue with their rhetoric that the site is a “bog”, and “unsuitable to be built on” despite Hywel Dda, having employed leading engineering consultancies, confirming that the site is suitable to build the new facility on it. What engineering expertise do these councillors have?

This is 2015 and buildings are built on all sorts of land (and sea). So, in answer to Mr Davies’ question, the land will have the hospital built on it.

Mr Davies questions again how much public money was spent on the new road. The answer is that the new road was funded by the property developer and not by public money. Far from being wasted money, we now have the long proposed link road provided for Cardigan at no expense to the public. I wonder why our current councillors did not provide this information in response to his first letter?

Although I still think that it is a missed opportunity, and a loss to the community if beds are not included in the new hospital, we badly need the new hospital to be built. This is supported by the GPs who have been waiting for many many years for the new development.

The community of Cardigan and District need to carry on supporting the new development, in whatever form, as without it many elderly and sick peoples lives are going to be made far more difficult. How would we all feel if we had to travel to Glangwili, Withybush or Bronglais for ALL our appointments to see consultants and for ALL the procedures that are now being carried out in Cardigan Hospital by well trained and dedicated staff?

Our elected members are in a position to influence what happens in our communities. In Cardigan, we are disadvantaged because some elected members prefer to cling on to their own misconceptions rather than fight hard to get us the new hospital development that this community deserves.

As one who has spent years (some as an elected member) trying my best to support and drive this development forward, I admit that I have found the process painfully slow. However, I have never given up on this project. I look forward to the Outline Business Case being approved by the Welsh Assembly in the near future and Hywel Dda UHB progressing the development as a matter of urgency – with the full support of all in the community of Cardigan and District.


Ferwig Road