Dear Editor

Following the recent tragic pictures of flooded properties in Cardigan and other areas with many suffering several times before it does beg the question - where DOES the blame lie. Some residents this time have stated that it was caused by the lack of drain clearing and with your picture of the gentleman trying to clear a drain at Gwndwngwyn seems to be the correct conclusion. I witnessed several residents in Parcllyn carrying out the same task. We were effectively cut off as a village for a time with the B43333 flooded near the Penrallt and at Llainmacyn ( known locally as radar bend) on the C1024 road. This incidentally being one of the official routes to the QinetiQ site.

I understand from a local community councillor that roads are only brushed and drains cleared when we ring the call centre number in Ceredigion County Council's highways department as they are not routinely done as in the past. When requested an officer will then visit the area to ascertain whether it is necessary - so it seems that it will be up to us "joe public" to keep vigilant with drain rods at the ready to carry out these essential tasks in future.

Gerry Evans MBE