Dear Editor,

First of all let me be absolutely clear that I have the highest regard and respect for the hard working Welsh medical staff such as the nurses, ambulance staff, doctors, consultants and the surgeons, as they do a superb job in spite of all the obstacles created by myopic management and the incompetence of the Welsh Assembly! So it is three cheers for the Daily Mail for highlighting the dire straits of the Health Service in Wales – amongst its many other failures management should bring back the maternity facility to Haverfordwest and where is the promised new hospital for Cardigan? The decision makers should be thoroughly ashamed of themselves and we should all be supporting the magnificent effort of the Daily Mail.

Apart from the appalling state of the Welsh Heath Service the leader of the Welsh Assembly would desecrate the beautiful landscape of our beloved Wales with his TAN 8 proposals and ineffective and costly wind generators, filling the pockets of landowners and greedy developers, all at the expense of the exploited people of Wales – so much for his leadership and the well being and state of Wales.

Then what of the ‘silent’ Welsh Office and the new (Tory) Secretary of State for Wales, have they nothing to say on these very important and vital issues? It truly begs the question, “Why do we now need the Welsh Office now we have the Assembly” for surely it is a waste of space, jobs for the boys – and it hurts me to say this as a proud Welshman, “But methinks the good people of Wales have been well and truly Stitched Up!”

Dave Haskell