Dear Editor

I totally disagree with both Councillor Gethin James and Arthur Richards about the so called overgrown grass verges. The grass verges this summer looked wonderful, full of wild flowers, though not as many as there should be because of the normal 'overcutting'. If the council continue with a once a year cut we will have the best grass verges in Britain. Councillor James thinks the verges look scruffy, does he think the brown mulch left after cutting looks better? Councillor Richards is appalled at what? There is an obsession with tidyness creeping over our country with no room left for bees and butterflies. I drive these B roads every day on my way to work and I have never been in any danger from grass verges, only from other drivers going too fast. I also walk along these B roads and am appalled at the amount of rubbish that is flung onto the verges, most if not all from car drivers, some of whom stop at the side of the road for their lunch and toss their empty coke cans and sandwich wrappers out of the window before driving away.

So congratulations to Ceredigion council for not cutting the verges and using that money for important things, like providing care for vulnerable people in the community.

Jennifer Ladd

Plas y Coed