Dear Editor,

For the second time this year the B4548 Gwbert to Cardigan road is to be closed for 5 days in order for resurfacing to be carried out,this time from the Verwig junction to the mini-roundabout.

The recommended alternative route is Gwbert—Verwig—Felinwynt——Aberporth Airfield—Roundabout and onto the A487 Trunk Road to Cardigan——this is a journey of 11 miles, as compared to the 3 miles on the B4548 ! !

So once again, the ratepayers of Gwbert and Verwig are put to a great deal of inconvenience,as are the hotels and the Boating and Golf Clubs.

Surely the Council Highways Department could have devised a system of one-way traffic,controlled by traffic lights,to obviate a round journey Gwbert to Cardigan and return of 22 miles, as compared the normal 6 mile round trip !!

There is no denying that the road in question is badly in need of resurfacing,but the worst possible scenario is being inflicted on the travelling public. Who wants to undertake a scenic tour when going to work,or to keep a medical appointment ??

Although I live in Llechryd, I travel to Gwbert several times each week to visit an elderly friend,who is practically housebound,and have travelled over the alternative route this week, which was a far from enjoyable experience!

To add insult to injury, the fact that the Council has cut the grass verges only once this year,coupled with the lush growth there has been,means that both road width and visibility are restricted on the back-roads.

John.B.Armstrong,1, Brynbedw,Llechryd.