Another sighting has been made of the 'big black cat' in Aberporth.

Last week, as first reported in the Tivy-Side, dog walker Jane Bowling said she saw a panther-like creature in woodland near the river Gilwen behind Plas Estate.

And now another villager John Watson says he saw a similar creature on the Tresaith Road while he was out walking his dog in the early morning - the day before Mrs Bowling reported her sighting.

It ran off into scrubland near Helyg Fach caravan park.

Mr Watson, who has retired after a career with Unilever, said:

“I saw it from a range of 80-90 feet. It was very big and moved very fast and, to me, looked just like a puma or a panther. It didn't run like a dog – it loped like a cat.”

And he said: "I'm not going to be making stuff like this up. I'm too old for that!"

Mr Watson added that during the winter he had frequently glimpsed a pair of “big yellow eyes” in the light of his torch while walking Rags along the nearby coast path.

“I'd always assumed those eyes belonged to a feral cat or a fox,” he said. “Now I'm not so sure.”