Dear Editor,

I would like to take this opportunity to write to you to voice my opinion once more on the decision of OUR council not to provide free parking in our town.

Our local paper has done some great work in gathering opinions of local people and businesses and there is a resounding yes to the proposal of offering free parking in our town to encourage growth of our town centre businesses.

Our Council has once again not listened to the voice of the people they represent, and hidden behind the smoke screen of “cost.” I am confident that if this was looked at properly the savings could be found. This is very short sighted of the council, and only need to look at additional income if our town’s shops were all full of rate paying businesses etc.

Mark Williams, our local MP has written to me, and the council on two separate occasions regarding the issue of parking charges and profiteering from the council, but even his words have triggered no reaction.

If the Council choose once again to ignore the opinions of those they represent, then it is time that those who make these decisions are replaced with forward thinking individuals who actually act upon things that the people of their towns want.

The Council’s tactic of ignoring a problem until it goes away is not going to work. We want action, and will offer our support to anyone that is willing to listen to the people and take such action. Make it happen.

Matthew Morgan