Dear Editor

Ceredigion need to do some joined up thinking about the manner in which they close public toilets in the county.

In Cardigan today we witnessed a young foreign man deeply distressed because he could not gain access to the toilets in Chancery Lane.

He turned to us and asked where the nearest toilets were explaining he has a stoma and needed to get to a toilet very quickly.

We showed him the adjacent disabled toilet only to see that the Radar keyhole had been blocked up.

After directing him to other alternatives which we hoped were open, we looked at the notices taped on the doors.

Whilst typed information is posted, there is no map giving locations of alternatives and showing ‘You Are Here’.

Surely Ceredigion could be more courteous and respectful of its residents and visitors, regardless of whether they are disabled or not.

This is not rocket science!

Andie and Dave Clay

Porth, Blaenporth,