Dear Editor

At the beginning of June around midnight I had to dial 999 for help. My husband who is 80 and diabetic, was lying on a stone floor at the back of the house and was in a state of confusion and couldn’t speak properly. He was very agitated but was too heavy and incoherent for me to lift. From the moment I dialled 999 I got help. The operator stayed on the line with me telling me what to do and reassuring me. I went to the front door as I heard a vehicle and thought it was the ambulance, but it was a police car passing. I closed the door but within seconds a policeman and woman were there asking if I had a problem. They came in and said they would stay with us until help arrived. Next two firemen/first response, arrived and next the ambulance crew. What a fantastic response. I cannot find words to thank them all. The service we received from the start was brilliant. Too often we complain about our services but I for one owe them all a very big thank you. You were all wonderful.


Carol Ann Campbell-Jones