Dear Editor,

I am saddened and dismayed by the recent desecration in Bath-house Road. I refer to the cherry tree which normally, in May, illuminates the corner opposite the Theatre with generous fountains of pink blossom. This tree was severely damaged - for no discernible reason - while the new shops were being built, but still kept flowering. Now it has been hacked down completely. Who is responsible for this? That beautiful tree was one of the Spring highlights of Cardigan, and whoever chose to cut it down has removed something of great value to the town and its people - clearly a value this person could not recognise, but one far greater than the bland buildings that replace it - it could have been an asset, not a deterrent!. The glorious sight of that blossom will be much missed. How sad to see yet another example of the ignorance polluting the world regarding the importance to all of us of trees and wildlife. Cardigan does not need more shops and cafes - but a mature cherry tree in that position was a healing sight for everyone.

Rosi Beech