Dear Editor

To get the record absolutely straight and accurate.

- I have not read any letters by anyone complaining that they moved to this area in full knowledge there would be drones flying overhead and then complaining about it. I can only recall one letter about someone moving to the area. That letter was my own, in which I quite clearly stated that I had been told (wrongly, as it turned out) that drones don't fly over Cardigan. I was certainly perfectly well aware of all the disturbance residents of Aberporth suffer from them. However, I moved to Cardigan and was (wrongly) assured they don't fly over Cardigan. Definitely NOT a case of "moving next door to a church and then complaining about the bells". More a case of misinformed and perfectly entitled to complain about them.

- I would be interested to read the statistics as to exactly how many times a month these things fly over various localities here and just how many households possessed of people with perfectly normal hearing are underneath their flight path. I would estimate there are quite a few households affected by "loud lawnmower noise" (which is what these drones sound like). One of these drones flew over near my house again the other day four times in one day! I have duly registered my complaint every time.

- I think it is a bit disingenuous to try and equate technology that equates to progress worth having (such as the railways), with technology some would dispute (eg planes) and technology of very limited use, such as drones (and its clear the "bitter pill" of what they are really for is being "sold" to us under the "sugar coating" of "look what useful purposes they also serve").

- I am aware that younger generations are getting so used to things like Facebook and the like invading their privacy that they may not even find such "invasions" any big deal. However, I would think those who expect privacy as their right are in the majority currently and I include myself in this. If a stranger in the street needs my permission to take my photograph, then why would it be any different if a drone operator wished to do so?

- In a democracy (ie what we are told we have) then the majority rules and the majority probably do not relish having our peace and quiet disturbed and our privacy invaded.

Janet Barber


Cnwc Y Dintir