Dear Editor,

One cannot help but be struck by the injustice and inequality evident in last week`s news report concerning Ceredigion Council having spent a staggering £15.4 million ( Wales Audit Office figures ) on lavish new Council offices for themselves in Aberystwyth, whilst at the same time making the most savage cuts to the benefits and services of the most vulnerable & disadvantaged people in our community.

In the decision to close London House the Council effectively removed an essential life-line of support , advice & friendship for older people struggling alone in the community.

Older people`s lives will inevitably will poorer, more isolated and lonely as a result.

Equally, the news of the decision to abandon the long promised plans to build a new & desperately needed user-friendly Day Centre for adults with learning disability in the south of the County, can only be perceived as a massive betrayal of those clients.

Cuts to the funding of the Citizen`s Advice Bureau service will leave many vulnerable people struggling to cope with difficult circumstances such as debt, cuts to benefits, eviction etc without recourse to any legal advice or support .

Failure to provide funding to grass-roots groups, such Ceredigion People First, which offers self-advocacy & a voice for people with learning disabilities who might otherwise struggle to have their voices heard, is further evidence, if any is needed , of the flawed priorities, inequality & hypocrisy which is at the heart of the recent fundamentally unfair & hugely damaging Council cuts.

Rebecca Planton

New Quay