Dear Editor,

The North Cardigan Action & Support Group would like to voice their concerns over the matter of the planning and village green applications on the site of the Maesglas Play Area. There have been discrepancies throughout in the way Ceredigion County Council have conducted themselves in the matter. Residents cannot understand why the council is so determined to get the planning application passed before the village green has been decided. Residents in Y Rhos are very concerned about a road that would go through their private estate, as the flow of traffic, vehicular and pedestrian, would take their privacy away. Why are we in this position again when the Welsh Office have already dismissed the planning for the site once before. It was deemed by them to be a very safe and secure area for the children to play on. Ray Ceredigion had a play area survey done and out of all the playgrounds and recreation areas in Ceredigion, Maesglas was voted the safest.

As far as the village green application is concerned, why has it taken so long to process after it was unanimously voted for in a publicly joint meeting at the Guild Hall in Dec 2012. When we have questioned the council about this matter, they constantly refer to a case in Yorkshire which is to be heard in the Supreme Court at the beginning of April. Do they not understand that the English Village Green rules are different to the Welsh rules.

Mr. Steve Jones of Tai Ceredigion has stated that the play area in question is maintained solely from the rental income of Tai Ceredigion tenants. Also he has said that if the planning application is successful he will be consulting with Tai Ceredigion tenants over the future of the TENANTS AMENITY AREA. Only a quarter of the Maesglas estate is rental from Tai Ceredigion. Does this mean then, that only the Tai Ceredigion tenants are allowed to use the park? Mr. Jones, could you come and explain to the non-Tai Ceredigion children why they can't play in the park with their friends? This area of the Maesglas estate has been used for nearly 60 years by all Maesglas residents and the surrounding areas.

Also, when referring to the "New and secure" playground that Tai Ceredigion have supplied in Felinban, does Mr. Jones mean the tiny play area which frequently floods near a busy back road?

The backing and support from residents and locals is much appreciated by the group. Even people from further afield have offered help. It's nice to know that community spirit still exists in times of need.

The North Cardigan Action & Support Group on behalf of our community.