CARDIGAN artist Malcolm Gwyon will be showcasing his iconic work at the town’s recently-opened Oriel Canfas Gallery.

Well known faces and figures of Wales are captured through the process of combining bold colours on top of delicate maps which gives the pieces their distinctive and easily recognisable appeal.

The National Library of Wales has four of his works in their own permanent collection.

The work has been so popular in the gallery it has sold out numerous times with many disappointed fans.

Malcolm is also well known for his involvement in the synth pop movement.

He set-up and ran the very first DIY underground tape label in Wales, Casetiau Neon, between 1980-1986.

Musician 'Gwenno' credits his influence as his alter ego 'Malcolm Neon' as an important early influence on her music.

Malcolm will be exhibiting at Canfas, at Grosvenor Hill, from September 14 until October 19.