AGOR Drysau Festival present a performance of Pinocchio at Theatr Mwldan by La Baldufa, a theatre company from Catalonia on Wednesday, March 20 (1pm).

Pinocchio is the story of a child free from prejudices: he’s disobedient and mischievous, yet at the same time naïve. Really naïve. This is a fantastic and fabulous new interpretation of the classic children’s story.

Paper and wood are used to create a production which is multifaceted and organic, through which we can dive into the imagination of a child-puppet - a tale which invites us to reflect on values such as education, graft, responsibility and sincerity.

This production takes place during term time, so would be well suited to school groups. However, tickets are available to the general public.

Tickets for Pinocchio are £8 (£6) and are available now from Theatr Mwldan’s box office on 01239 621200, online at or via our Mwldan app.