Matt Lucas has said that he landed The Great British Bake Off presenting job after appearing in a dream of his future co-host Noel Fielding.

The former Little Britain star told The Sun that Fielding “dreamed that I was stood there alongside him in the Bake Off tent” and once he had woken up contacted producers to say he wanted him on board.

Lucas said that it was “very strange” for Fielding to be dreaming about him as they do not know each other well.

He told the newspaper: “I have no idea why Noel was dreaming about me.

“He suddenly dreamed that I was stood there alongside him in the Bake Off tent and we were making each other laugh.

“So when he woke up he got in touch with the producers and said he wanted me on board.”

He added that he had only met Fielding “a couple of times over the years” as The Mighty Boosh, Fielding’s comedy programme, came out around the same time as Little Britain meaning they “saw each other around”.

Matt Lucas and Noel Fielding
Filming of Bake Off has been pushed back because of Covid-19 (Channel 4/PA)

“Actually, I think he may have been at my 30th birthday party, but we weren’t close friends, so to have a dream about me was probably a bit weird, but brilliant for me too.”

Lucas added that him and Fielding “made each other laugh” during his audition for the show, which was held in a garden centre, “so we clicked and that’s what worked”.

“I hope it translates with viewers too,” he added.

Filming for the 11th series of Bake Off was due to begin in the spring, however Channel 4 has pushed back the start date due to the coronavirus pandemic.