Cyngor Cymuned Aberporth Community Council Page 1 (1) The July meeting of the above named community council was held at Aberporth Village Hall on Tuesday 13th July 2010 at 6:30pm. The Chairman, Cllr Gethin James presided.

Present: Cllr Jann Tucker, Cllr Dai Ogilvie, Cllr Gwynfor Harries, Cllr Anne McCreary, Cllr June Allen, Cllr Denfa Rees, Cllr Colin Evans, Cllr Richard Williams, Cllr Helen Green, Mrs Vanessa Owens and Mrs Sue Lewis(Tivyside).

1. Apologies/Personal matters Ymddiheuriadau/Materion Personol (2) Apologies were received from Cllr Hywel Evans and Cllr Mike Rennolf.

2. To disclose personal and pecuniary interests in items of business listed below Datgelu diddordeb personol ac ariannol dan eitemau busnes sydd wedi eu rhestru isod (3) Cllr Gethin James declared his interests relating to Highways issues and Cllr Jann Tucker declared her interests relating to planning application A100375. 3. Confirmation and signing of previous minutes Cadarnhau a llofnodi cofnodion y cyfarfod diwethaf (4) Cllr Jann Tucker requested that it be included that she had noted the need to organise producing the notice boards.

Clerk informed the council that a payment had been made to Swallow Office Supplies.

Further to these amendments Cllr Jann Tucker proposed that the minutes be accepted as correct; Cllr Dai Ogilvie seconded the proposal and they were passed by a majority. The minutes were signed accordingly.

4. Financial business Busnes Ariannol (5) Items accepted for payment: £763.64 D E Owen £763.64 D E Owen - Aug £175.00 S M Trick 5. Reports Addroddiadau Clerks Report/Adroddiad y Clerc (6) Clerk informed the Council that she had spoken with the proprietors of the chemist regarding an official opening of the Post Office; they are interested in doing something but want to get everything up and running and on top of procedure first.

(7) The RNLI have confirmed that the barometer has been sold.

Clerk had spoken with Mr Cave who had informed her that there was a chance that the barometer could be returned to the wall at the old post office building and will keep the community council informed. (8) National training dates from One Voice Wales. Any councillors interested in attending training courses to let the Clerk know. The Community Council may be eligible to apply for bursary funding.

(9) It was agreed that a plaque should be presented to Mr Dafydd Jones in recognition of his work at Aberporth Community School. Clerk to contact him and make suitable arrangements.

Cllr Jann Tucker requested that the sports presentations be included for discussion at the next meeting.

(10) A letter had been received from Tai Ceredigion Cyf advising that they are visiting Aberporth on Friday 23rd July for an estate walk about from 9:30 till 12 and are inviting members of the community council to join them. Cllr Dai Ogilvie, Cllr Anne McCreary and Cllr Helen Green to attend.

Beaches/ Traethau (11) Clerk had spoken to Sam Wilding, Ceredigion Fishermens Assoc, regarding the proposed hard standing. It is necessary for him to obtain permission from Crown Estates, this has not been done previously as it is a costly business and only lasts 12 months; in order to do this he is waiting on a copy of the environmental impact assessment which Ceredigion County Council are sure has been completed and are looking to provide him with a copy. Until this permission is obtained the project can’t move forward. He is prepared to meet with the Council in the future and keep us informed of project developments.

Signed________________________________________ Date___________________ Minutes Ref:12 Page 2 Cllr Jann Tucker queried if it is possible to get permission from the Crown Estate to put a hard standing on the beach whether it is possible for Ceredigion County Council to get permission to charge for car parking on the beach. It was agreed to send a letter to the Legal department.

(12) Clerk reported that there has been a sewerage leak into the river and down onto the beach which is currently closed. She had spoken with Cliff Bates, Ceredigion County Council, and whilst the water was to be tested earlier in the day and again later in the week he can not give a definitive date when the beach will be reopened. RNLI are red flagging the beach against swimming as a health precaution. Some serious rain is required to wash the contamination through. Cllr Gethin James confirmed that the source was a private sewer. He reported that the sea water had passed the test but there was still significant contamination in the stream and the situation was to be continually monitored.

Planning/Cynllunio (13) A100375 Extension of time for commencement of development A050331 Erection of a dwelling Land adj to Ty Cornel, Aberporth A100371 Erection of two storey extension Armora, Amora rd, Blaenannerch A100367 Change of use of outbuilding to form additional living accommodation Troed y Rhiw, Aberporth Approved – A100269 Domestic kitchen extension Rose Villa, Aberporth The observations of the planning committee were noted.

(14) Information had been received on the outstanding planning applications in linked settlements: total of 40. Maps of each village were provided.

Finance/Cyllid (15) Finance sheet was provided Highways/Priffyrdd (16) Cllr Mike Rennolf & Cllr Gethin James had met with representatives of Ceredigion County Council. Cllr Gethin James reported that the Director of Highways had attended and it had been a positive meeting. There is no budget at present to allow for the full review of traffic orders. He put forward a proposal for a 20mph speed restriction and double yellow lines from Penrhodyn to the mini roundabout; in order for this proposal to move forward the funds for the scheme opposite the Headlands will be redirected and this scheme put on hold. The merits of both schemes were discussed. Cllr Richard Williams felt that there was no need for double yellow lines all the way through. There was a vote of 4 to 1 in favour, with 1 abstention, of the 20mph and double yellow lines scheme to be the priority. The community council is to prioritise the Headland project for the next financial year.

(17) Clerk provided copies of a letter received from Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency. Although Cllr Mike Rennolf was unable to make the meeting as Chairman of the Highways Committee he requested that the letter be held for the time being whilst he gathers relevant information and can then apply pressure for action with residential support.

PC Alun Jones has also noted his concerns over this section of road and has requested some action from the County Council.

(18) Letter from Mr Jones, Delfryn, requesting update on community councils proposals. Cllr Gethin James to contact the County Council to establish what proposals are in place for this location.

(19) The request from a drop kerb at the top of the slipway has been added to the Ceredigion County Council programme but unlikely to be included in this years budget unless additional funding comes available.

Streetlighting/Golau stryd (20) Clerk has met with Mark from SEC. The only option is to put up a column opposite Llaindelyn and run supply straight across road from existing power supply on the house where the old light was connected. Waiting on a quote for the work. The owner of the property is willing for the lamp to be reconnected so clerk needs to now obtain permission from the County Council.

Footpaths & Maintenance/Llwybrau Troed a Chynnal a Chadw (21) A copy of a draft agreement for the mini pitch was provided. It was agreed that the clerk and Cllr Mike Rennolf should review it.

Cllr Gethin James has been in contact with contractors and arranged for the mini pitch to have sand replaced. Contractor will show council how to do this in order that we can arrange work ourselves next time.

Signed_________________________________________ Date________________________ Minutes Ref:13 Page 3 (22) Clerk had contacted Danny Giles regarding the bus shelter at Blaenannerch; he has looked at it and reported back that there is a lot of damage to the roof caused by ivy and has provided a quote. Cllr Colin Evans assessed the shelter on behalf of the community council and obtained a second quote. It was agreed to accept Tony Duckworths quote of £580.

(23) Clerk had received a number of comments on how lovely the flower beds are.

(24) The flag pole at Dyffryn garden needs to be relocated. Cllr Dai Ogilvie to arrange quotes.

(25) Clerk has asked S Trick to trash behind the shelter at Llainmacyn.

(26) Ceredigion County Council has offered to organise the Annual Playground Inspections at a cost of £45+vat each playground.

They have organised Operational Playground Inspection Training in October – renewal of clerks existing certificate is £275+vat.

It was agreed to take the County Council up on its offer.

Emergency Plan Committee/Pwyllgor Cynllun Argyfwng (27) A meeting to be held on the 27th July at 6:30pm Procedures Review Committee/Pwyllgor Adoygu Trefn (28) Minutes of the committee meeting were provided.

Community Welcome Audit/Archwiliad Croeso Cymuned Tidy Towns/Trefi Taclus (29) Clerk had received a copy of a letter sent to Ceredigion County Council from a caravan owner at Llety raising her concerns about the amount of dog mess and requesting the provision of bins. Have contacted Tidy Town regarding provision of 2 litter bins and Richard Thomas has confirmed that we are able to source these via Rachel Mills; it has been mentioned that these can be emptied voluntarily by members of the group. They will be general litter bins and not dog bins. Permission has been sought from the village hall committee and the county council for suitable locations.

(30) Ceredigion County Council may have some litter pickers for donation to local groups so a letter has been sent asking for Aberporth to be considered.

(31) Tidy Wales week will be held 20th – 26th September. Clerk will arrange to get the promotion clean up kit.

Food Co-operative Report/Adroddiad y Pwyllgor Bwyd Cydweithrol (32) Cllr Anne McCreary thanked those who had helped whilst she was away. The sales are down but Maria at the RRU had confirmed that it is usual for a lull over the summer months and that they are happy with how everything is being run.

Cllr Jann Tucker asked that the clerk could possibly be available one morning a month to attend and answer queries. Whilst this would not be a problem for the clerk it would add to her work load which often exceeds her existing hours.

(33) It was noted that the noticeboards need to be brought up to date.

Chairmans Report/Adroddiad y Cadeirydd (34) Cllr James reported that he had attended the school fete and Mr Jones’ retirement at Aberporth school and the opening of the woodland walk.

Committee Representative Reports/Adroddiadau Cynrychioliadol y Pwyllgor (35) Cllr June Allen had attended the Victorian tea and sports day at Blaenporth school.

Signed________________________________________ Date_______________________ Minutes Ref:14 Page 4 Correspondence/Gohebiaeth (36) Receipt of membership from OVW Annual report for the Public Services Ombudsman for Wales Grant request from NSPCC Grant request from Shelter Cymru Grant request from Mid Wales Colo-Rectal Cancer Fund J Parker wholesale bulb catalogue Clerks & Councils Direct Email: WAG press release- First Minster urges people to give blood Minutes and agenda Ceredigion Traffic Management Consultative Committee Consultation: WAG Consultation document – Local Authority Byelaws in Wales; procedures for making, confirming and enforcing byelaws. Responses by 17th Sept Information received from SSE re proposed Nant y Moch Wind Farm.

Consultation link on Microgeneration and Low Carbon Energy technologies Ceredigion County Council review of Licensing Policy; closing date 24th Sept.

Correspondence was noted.

6. Review Diary Adolygu Dyddiadur 7. Notified Business Busnes a rag-hysbyswyd (37) Cllr Gethin James has established with Ceredigion County Council that the land at White Lodge is the responsibility of Highways and he has arranged that they maintain this area. With respect to Mr Gerry Evans’ request for a bench at this location it may now be possible to arrange. Consideration must be given to the proposed development included in the LDP and its access which would cross this area when we consider what to place there. It is possible that the council could access money from Tidy Town for a planter. It was agreed to ask the County Council and put together a project idea for consideration in next years budget.

8. Emergency Any Other Business Unrhyw Faterion Brys Arall (38) Cllr June Allen informed the council that there were problems with the parking of vehicles at the new Bistro in Blaenporth.

(39) Cllr Colin Evans noted the weeds in Dyffryn garden.

(40) Cllr Gethin James noted that QinetiQ might attend the September meeting to provide an update.

9. Date of next meeting Dyddiad y Cyfarfod Nesaf (41) Tuesday September 14th 2010 at 6:30pm (42) There being no further business the meeting was closed at 8:45pm. Signed_________________________________________________ Date____________________ Minutes Ref:15