Cyngor Cymuned Aberporth Community Council (1) The February meeting of the above named community council was held at Aberporth Village Hall l on Tuesday 9th February 2010 at 6:30pm. The Chairman, Cllr Mike Rennolf, presided.

Present: Cllr Jann Tucker, Cllr Hywel Evans, Cllr Dai Ogilvie, Cllr Denfa Rees, Cllr Helen Green, Cllr Gethin James, Cllr Richard Williams, Cllr Colin Evans, Cllr Gwynfor Harries, Cllr June Allen and Mrs Vanessa Owens Clerk.

(2) Cllr Mike Rennolf presented a donation to Mr Emyr Hywel on behalf of Blaenporth School Centenary. Mr Hywel informed the council of the project that is being put together to commemorate the school.

1. Apologies/Personal matters Ymddiheuriadau/Materion Personol (3) Apologies were received from Cllr Anne McCreary and PC Alun Jones 2. To disclose personal and pecuniary interests in items of business listed below Datgelu diddordeb personol ac ariannol dan eitemau busnes sydd wedi eu rhestru isod (4) Cllr Gethin James declared his interests relating to the steps at Glanmordy.

3. Confirmation and signing of previous minutes Cadarnhau a llofnodi cofnodion y cyfarfod diwethaf (5) Cllr Dai Ogilvie proposed that the minutes of the previous meeting be accepted as correct; this was seconded by Cllr Jann Tucker and passed unanimously. The minutes were signed accordingly.

4. Financial business Busnes Ariannol (6) Cllr Dai Ogilvie proposed that the following items be agreed for payment; this was seconded by Cllr Jann Tucker and agreed unanimously. £373.69D E Owen £58.81 Inland Revenue £504.35 Wicksteed £200.00 Blaenporth School £173.76 Cardi Building Supplies £27.99 Cllr Mike Rennolf £21.60 Cllr Helen Green £60.00 Cllr Jann Tucker £21.60 Cllr Denfa Rees £16.00 Ceredigion County Council £250.00 St Cynwyls £250.00 MC Blaenannerch £250.00 Hen Gapel £250.00 St Davids £103.48 S Owens £71.68 Swallow Office Supplies £157.10 Ltd 5. Reports Addroddiadau Clerks Report/Adroddiad y Clerc (7) The sports grant presentations were postponed due to recipients being unable to attend; clerk to reschedule.

(8) Cllr Jann Tucker had arranged a meeting for Tuesday 23rd February at 6pm with Mr Paul Cremin for a briefing and update on the WDA site. Hopefully Mr Carl Davies will be able to attend with him. (9) Clerk had not received a response from Ceredigion County Council regarding the request for a meeting with Highways and Planning regarding Bowls Road. Agreed to chase this up.

(10) Dyfed Powys Police Authority Community Consultative Meeting to be held in Aberaeron on 25th February. Cllr Helen Green to attend.

Signed_________________________________________________ Date____________________ Minutes Ref:37 Page 2 (11) Letter received from Ceredigion County Council; are consulting on a merger of their Standards Committee with the Standards Sub-Committee for Town and Community Councils to form a single body which will deal with conduct issues for the County Council and Community Councils. Aberporth Community Council are in support of this idea. Clerk to respond.

(12) Clerk had received an email from Ceredigion County Council detailing the work to be undertaken at the toilets at Penrhodyn and suggesting areas that the community council might be prepared to undertake if we wished. It was agreed that the County Council complete their schedule of work and the community council look towards other improvements in that area when the County Council have finished.

Clerk had spoken with Mr Paul Arnold regarding a meeting to discuss the possibility of grants for the toilets and he informed her that the County Council had recently submitted bids for toilet improvements which had been unsuccessful and are willing to come on board as partners with the community council. It is likely that a joint bid would be more successful than a county council bid; he suggested that the community council attempt to secure a grant to do feasibility study and the county can then assist with drawings/costings etc as they have much of this information already available. If the project can be developed he will be in a stronger position to push to secure some capital money to assist. The community council felt that it would be a huge project requiring specialist help in preparing and submitting a bid and that we should look towards finding some money to put the scheme together. Cllr Jann Tucker asked to wait and see what improvements have been made by the end of March and to review it then.

(13) Two welsh flags have been ordered. Clerk had spoken to Robin Ashburner, Swansea regarding a new flag pole; it was agreed that the clerk should go ahead and arrange a replacement pole for Penrhodyn.

Beaches/ Traethau (14) Cllr Jann Tucker raised concerns regarding the rock fall at Dolwen beach and the high possibility of further falls. Cllr Gethin James suggested that the Clerk contact Mr Niel Owen to enquire if there are any scheduled works in this area.

Planning/Cynllunio (15) A10013 Erection of dwelling Land rear of Morwennau A100004 Residential development of 5 dwellings (3 affordable) Land at Ffordd Ysgolig, Aberporth, Cardigan WITHDRAWN – Glaneirw Housing Co-op Retention of meeting room/storage APPROVED – A090790 Erection 2 storey extension 5 Pennar Rd, Parcllyn Approved – A090760 Erection of a dwelling Land at Dfyfryn Terrace, Aberporth Approved – A090781 Erection of a dwelling Plot 1 Parc y Sasiwn Approved – A090782 Change of use & demolition of public toilet block & erection of new taxi cab office & parking area Land adj to Coedlan Parcllyn Approved – A090800 Erection of garage and stable block Rhyd Uchaf, Blaemporth The observations of the planning committee were noted.

Finance/Cyllid (16) Finance sheet provided (17) Clerk to provide list of grant requests for consideration at next months meeting.

(18) Due to high level of councillors being unable to attend last months meeting due to the bad weather Cllr Mike Rennolf provided an opportunity to discuss next years financial budget proposals. Everyone was happy.

Highways/Priffyrdd (19) Clerk has reported problems with mud on the road passed the council houses in Blaenannerch.

(20) It was agreed to hold a highways meeting on Monday 1st March at 6:30pm.

Streetlighting/Golau stryd Footpaths & Maintenance/Llwybrau Troed a Chynnal a Chadw (21) Clerk had contacted Phil Johnson regarding the amount of dog mess on the coastal path, he agreed that the situation is bad and referred her to Highways to arrange cleaning; Highways responded that the footpaths are not under anyone’s responsibility and that it is up to the public to keep them clean. The Highways department are Signed________________________________________________________ Date___________________ Minutes Ref:38 Page 3 looking into whether they would be prepared to clean the coastal path it if the community council were willing to pay and if possible how much it would cost. Have made further enquiries about providing a dog litter bin, the actual bin would cost £180.00 with emptying costs additional.

(22) Cllr Gethin James noted that the grass cutting contractors need to ensure that they edge the grass back to keep the kerb edges clear along the coastal path . Clerk to contact Phil Johnson.

(23) Clerk reported that the wooden fencing panels at Parcllyn playground have been repaired. The wire netting at the top far corner is damaged and youths are going through here to access the rear of the MOD building, substantial amount of litter, cans etc and syringes have been found. Clerk has contacted Peter Collins at QinetiQ and PC Alun Jones regarding this problem and the responsibility of securing the area. The cost of basket ball boards was high arrangements have been made for new back boards to be made and the existing hoops are being put back on. The new chains and swing seats have been delivered and are to be put up.

(24) Clerk has contacted the probation service at Aberystwyth; Maureen Dodds the community service project officer is no longer in post and is waiting to hear from the new officer.

(25) It was noted that Glaneirw has been put on the market for sale and concerns were voiced over the safe route to school and ensuring that the path is retained. Cllr Colin Evans requested walking signs at the entrances.

Emergency Plan Committee/Pwyllgor Cynllun Argyfwng (26) An emergency plan meeting is to be held on Monday 22nd February at 7pm. Clerk requested that any relevant information for inclusion be provided prior to this date for consideration at the meeting.

Procedures Review Committee/Pwyllgor Adoygu Trefn (27) Minutes of the committee meeting were provided.

(28) Clerk reminded the councillors that whilst it is not compulsory to provide a register of interests it is recommended that they are completed and held on file. Councillors need to consider updating or providing a register if they so wish.

(29) It was proposed and agreed that subject to prior approval of estimated costs the Travel Plan Questionnaire and covering letter are adopted for distribution; initially to Blaenporth area.

Clerk informed the meeting that providing 800 copies of the letter & questionnaire would cost £206.00. Cllr Jann Tucker is to make enquiries with Cadwgan regarding use of their photocopier and Cllr Denfa Rees mentioned use of the church photocopier.

Community Welcome Audit/Archwiliad Croeso Cymuned (30) Minutes of the committee meeting were provided.

(31) A grant request has been received from Mrs Pauline Rhodes regarding printing an information leaflet regarding the poetry trail at Blaenporth. Cllr Anne McCreary is obtaining further details on this project.

Tidy Towns/Trefi Taclus (32) An informal meeting is to be held on 24th February and a clear up from the woodland path and litter pick has been arranged for Sunday 28th March. It was agreed to hire a skip for the clear up.

(33) It was suggested that land owners adjacent to the coastal path be contacted with regards to having litter/waste bins on their land.

(34) A recent article in the Tivyside reported on the availability of free insurance for Tidy Town groups, clerk to make enquiries.

Food Co-operative Report/Adroddiad y Pwyllgor Bwyd Cydweithrol (35) Cllr Jann Tucker reported that the food co-op is going very well and has picked back up after Christmas. There is now a good team of volunteers. The sale of fish is to start next week. She felt strongly that this is one of the best projects that the community council has done in a long time.

Clerk to arrange a notice board/blackboard.

Chairmans Report/Adroddiad y Cadeirydd Committee Representative Reports/Adroddiadau Cynrychioliadol y Pwyllgor Signed__________________________________________________ Date_________________ Minutes Ref: 39 Page 4 Correspondence/Gohebiaeth (36) Information from WAG Borrowing by Community & Town Council 2010-11 Letter from OVW – inviting Chairman to put name into draw for Buckingham Palace Garden Party 20th July 2010.

Letter from Digby Bevan, Ceredigion Rural Housing Enabler, offering to attend a monthly meeting.

Information booklets from Ombudsman – Want to complain about a public body?

Grant request from Walk for Life Grant request from Cruse Grant request from NSPCC Grant request from Ceredigion Young Farmers Grant request from Aberystwyth Choral Society Grant request from Cam-Fan Information from Marshalls paving Information from Second Life Products Wales Email: Grant request from Papur Sain Ceredigion From OVW information on meeting in Carmarthen to discuss a Welsh language strategy From Play Wales information on National Assembly Children & Young Peoples Committee inquiry into safer places from children to play From OVW advertisement for Appointment of Members to Care Council for Wales Information from WPS regarding liability & best practice and adverse weather implications From OVW information on Cymru Yfory groups and need for National Assembly to have more powers. 10th February Mumbles, Swansea Funding newsletter from CCW Information from OVW on funding opportunity to implement local environmental improvement projects.

Press release from Mid & West Wales Fire & Rescue Working Closely with Community Partners Boidiversity Seminar 8th & 9th May National Botanical Gardens of Wales From OVW advertisement for Appointment of Independent Chair to the Regulatory Board for Wales From OVW advert for Appointment of Members to Community Health Councils From OVW Sustainable Development Survey Play Wales members e-bulletin Correspondence was noted.

6. Review Diary Adolygu Dyddiadur 7. Notified Business Busnes a rag-hysbyswyd (36) Cllr Gethin James provided a copy of a letter from the Aberporth residents Association to Ceredigion County Council. The letter raised a number of matters which are already being dealt with by the community council or are community council responsibility. The Clerk reported that she had spoken with Ms Marshall regarding the same issues and had offered to attend their meetings. Cllr James was concerned about the duplication of work.

(37) The Chemist has applied to have the post office on their premises. It was agreed to offer the councils full support. (38) Cllr Gethin James has been making enquiries into the responsibility of the steps to Dyffryn beach. Cllr Hywel Evans informed the meeting that the Glanmordy steps do not belong to the village hall; according to the hall minutes of March 6th 1930 the Cardigan Rural District Council were considering the erection of steps and in May 16th 1930 it was minuted that the Cardigan Rural District Council be thanked for the construction of the steps.

8. Emergency Any Other Business Unrhyw Faterion Brys Arall 9. Date of next meeting Dyddiad y Cyfarfod Nesaf (39) Tuesday March 9th 2010.

(40) There being no further business the meeting was closed at 9pm.

Signed___________________________________________________ Date__________________ Minutes Ref:40