Members met in the Village Hall on November 13th 2009 to hold their Annual General Meeting. Chairman Mrs Pam McGrath received apologies from them who were indisposed, and wished them well.

The Chairman’s report reminded everyone of the sad loss of two highly respected members who died during the year. Firstly the late Mrs Jo Richards, Pennant, Llanon, who was a national judge and demonstrator plus exhibitor. She was a hard working member and a lady of many talents. Following on in the spring, Mrs Mary Carter of Llanarth died in a home at Llandovery. She was a physiotherapist, and had been a faithful member of the club for many years, a much-loved character, always with a smile. Treasured memories of both remain to be cherished.

The election of officers for the coming year was as follows : Chairman, Mrs Rosemary Bowen; Vice-Chair, Mrs Joan Davies; Secretary, Rachel Ogilvie; Assistant, Wendy George; Treasurer, Maureen Gittins; Assistant, Jane Roscoe, Sales Table, Joyce Ashurst; Assistant, Olwen Allen; Area Delegate, Joan Davies; Press, Anne Jone; (President) Vice President, Hilda Jones..

Chairman followed on by assessing eight petite table arrangements, also announcing the most improved new member’s ability during the year. The winner will receive her ‘gift’ at the Christmas Dinner at the New Inn later on. Tea and cake was served following the meeting thanks to Blodwen and Joyce.