Cyngor Cymuned Aberporth Community Council The September meeting of the above named community council was held at Aberporth Village Hall on Tuesday 8th September 2009 at 6:30pm. The Chairman, Cllr Mike Rennolf presided.

Present: Cllr Hywel Evans, Cllr Dai Ogilvie, Cllr Richard Williams, Cllr Gwynfor Harries, Cllr Denfa Rees, Cllr June Allen, Cllr Gethin James, Cllr Jann Tucker, Cllr Anne McCreary, Mrs S V Owens (Clerk), Mrs Sue Lewis (Tivyside).

(2) Cllr Mike Rennolf opened the meeting by acknowledging the loss of Dr Geraint Jenkins and Mr Dic Jones, a minutes silence was held in respect.

1. Apologies/Personal matters (3) Apologies were received from Cllr Helen Green, PC Alun Jones and Father John Mathews.

(4) Congratulations were given to Cllr Gwynfor Harries on his recent 80th birthday.

2. To disclose personal and pecuniary interests in items of business listed below (5) Cllr Gethin James declared his interests relating to the Traffic Order outside Headlands, Aberporth and the steps at Glanmordy. Book was signed accordingly.

3. Confirmation and signing of previous minutes (6) Cllr Mike Rennolf requested that item 9 be amended to read >>>> Cllr Mike Rennolf noted that the land would be Public Open Space as part of the Development proposal and that it needs to be more than just a play facility. Subject to this Cllr Gwynfor Harries proposed that the minutes be accepted as correct, this was seconded by Cllr Anne McCreary and agreed by a majority. The minutes were signed accordingly.

4. Financial business (7) Items agreed for payment: £763.63 D E Owen £36.19 Swallow Office Supplies £31.20 S V Owens £520.00 S V Owens £175.00 S M Trick £235.00 Clean Cut Gardens £44.10 SLCC 5. Reports Clerks Report (8) A letter had been received from Ceredigion County Council requesting the Community council to identify areas in ward that would benefit from control of dog orders : list of areas where dog fouling requirements should be applied; list of dog exclusion zones; list of areas where dogs should be kept on leads; list of areas that would benefit from controls of number of dogs allowed to be held on a lead. Councillors to provide clerk with details of areas to be included and clerk to refer to existing orders.

(9) A letter had been received from Glan Morgan, Brynmorwel, Blaenporth informing the council of the condition of the telephone kiosk in Blaenporth and a complete lack of response from BT; asking if the council can write to support his complaint. Cllr Mike Rennolf provided photos of the kiosk and bus shelter. It was agreed to send a letter and for the clerk to arrange the cleaning of all shelters.

(10) Cllr Jann Tucker & Cllr Anne McCreary had moved the Food Co-operative market project forward and it had made a successful start earlier in the morning with a good number of orders being taken. It has also been arranged for CredCer, Age Concern, CAB and the community police officers to be present; dates of future attendance to be placed in noticeboard. It was agreed that a member of the council should be present every Tuesday to discuss issues with the public. Cllr Hywel Evans had been approached about the possibility of providing meat, this idea is to be looked into. It was agreed that there was no need for the purchase of new tables at the moment and the village hall are allowing the use of the hall free of charge.

A letter had been received from the Country Market supporting the project.

It was agreed to include on the agenda as a separate item.

Signed_______________________________________________ Date____________________________ Minutes Ref: 16 Page 2 (11) An email had been received from Dwr Cymru in response to the councils query on the system and future proposals. This matter is to be kept on the agenda for consulting with Mr Rob Wilson of Dwr Cymru in due course once final determination has been made towards the end of the year.

(12) An email had been received from Wendy Campion, Ceredigion County Council: they have received complaints regarding the condition of steps at Glanmordy. Clerk has responded that they are the responsibility of the county council and referred her to Mr Kevin Kirkland. It was agreed to clarify the health and safety position of these steps.

(13) An email had been received from Steve Shaw, National Co-ordinator, Local Works - promoting the Sustainable Communities Act and requesting the Community Council to send a letter of support to Parliament. Cllr Mike Rennolf proposed that a copy of the standard letter be sent, Cllr Jann Tucker seconded this proposal and it was agreed by a majority.

(14) An email had been received from Mr Spencer De-Friend, Ceredigion County Council; he has referred the lease of the land at lower Brynglas to the legal department to draft up an agreement.

(15) The clerk is to meet with Ben Ferguson-Walker of Lappset to discuss the playground at Parcllyn at 1pm on Wednesday 9th September.

(16) Clerk provided copies of correspondence from Ceredigion County Council and Beulah Community Council regarding Bowls Road, Blaenporth. Whilst Beulah Community Council are not happy with Aberporth Community Council commenting on matters inside their ward the County Council whilst not prepared to actively consult with us on applications in Beulah ward will welcome comments on applications felt of interest to Aberporth and details can be found on the County Council web site.

The Planning Enforcement officer is currently monitoring the situation at Fronlas Farm regarding potential change of use and is to investigate compliance of planning conditions requiring the provision of a footway along the frontage of the new development on Bowls Road.

Cllr Gwynfor Harries noted that the community council’s priority is to make Bowls Road safe for our residents.

(17) An email had been received from Ceredigion County Council regarding the turning point at Blaenporth council houses indicating that the yellow road markings were unenforceable.

(18) A letter was received from Ceredigion County Council advising that a consultative meeting is to be held on 26th October at 7pm. Venue to be confirmed.

Beaches (19) The slip way to the beach from the Ship car park has been cleared back by volunteers.

Planning (20) A071356 Additional information Residential development (21units) & access road Field to rear of Trenchard Estate & Hillfield Place, Parcllyn.

Approved – A090219 Erection of dwelling Plot adj to Tresco, Aberporth Approved – A090332 Extension to garage Trenchard, Parcllyn Observations of the planning committee were noted.

(21) A letter had been from Ceredigion County Council regarding a trial of an electronic planning system via email, it was agreed to put Aberporth Community Council forward to take part in the trail.

Finance (22) Finance sheet was provided.

Highways (23) Copies of the Highways report were provided.

(24) Cllr Mike Rennolf provided details of a proposed Community Travel Plan; Aberporth Community Council needs to produce such a plan if access to funding new schemes is to be achieved. Many of the issues are already being addressed through the Highways Committee but these need to be formally pulled together through a Travel Plan with all stake holders linked directly into Ceredigion County Council. It was agreed to go ahead with producing a draft travel plan.

Signed_____________________________________ Date_________________________ Minutes Ref: 17 Page 3 (25) Cllr Gethin James had initially identified the need of a travel plan in pursuing the possible footpath provision between Dyffryn Gardens and the start of Safe Route to School. The timescale for submission of necessary information is end of September and it was agreed that the Highways committee should run with this project and obtain relevant surveys and questionnaires as required.

(26) Cllr Jann Tucker noted that residents from a house in New Road have offered frontage of their property for a pavement scheme.

(27) An email had been received from Ceredigion County Council Officer T Delph-Janiurek regarding the traffic orders consultaion. Following the recent meeting, consultation on new orders is to take place shortly, with a view to implemention at the start of the next financial year. It was agreed that the community council write to Ceredigion County Council thanking them for their consideration of the matter and to put to them that we are invited to comment on draft proposals prior to any formal consultation. (28) No action yet on panel provision for Parcllyn bus shelter. (29) Email received from Rachel Thomas of Ceredigion County Council confirming that the Safety Camera Partnership Scheme required data for Aberporth is being collated.

Streetlighting (30) Letter received from Ceredigion County Council advising that streetlights will be switched off between 12 midnight & 5am; starting in the next few weeks.

Footpaths & Maintenance (31) Letter received from Ferwig Community Council noting problems on coastal path at Gwyrddon, requesting Aberporth to contact Ceredigion. It was agreed to write.

(32) A quote had been received from Clean Cut Gardens for annual maintenance of Dyffryn garden and flower beds at Ship car park & Pencartws; for consideration at budget meeting for next financial year.

(33) Clean Cut Gardens has completed the tidying of the garden.

(34) The Safe Route to School in Blaenporth has been cut back by S Trick. He has recommended that the council consider weed killing the edges to prevent the narrowing of the path which is occurring as the overgrowth encroaches. Clerk to enquire with Ceredigion County Council regarding this.

(35) The disabled path way to Dolwen beach has some water damage which has caused ruts in the duff surface. Clerk to contact D E Owen regarding resurfacing and maintenance. There is a crack in the concrete, it was agreed that this should be monitored. It was further agreed that some thought needs to be given to the maintenance of this access with the implication of wheel chair users and safety.

(36) Cllr Jann Tucker had received some complaints over the condition of the grass bank at Dolwen beach over the summer; she suggested that the community council consider increasing the number of cuts.

(37) Play ground checks have been completed and council will receive reports via Ceredigion County Council in due course. There are no major problems to report.

(38) Cllr Gethin James reported that the official opening of the coastal path and poetry trail had been cancelled due to the illness and subsequent death of Mr Dic Jones. It is hoped that something can be arranged in a few months time.

(39) Cllr Gwynfor Harries suggested supplying name signs and information signs at locations in the area; there is currently no budget for this and can be given consideration for next year.

Mini Football Pitch Advisory Committee Emergency Plan Committee (40) Map received from Ceredigion County Council.

Procedures Review Committee (41) Action is needed into arranging for and implementing a consultation exercise for seeking views of local residents and ultimately to set up a Community Action Plan. Clerk has spoken with One Voice Wales who is contacting other councils on our behalf regarding use of their consultations.

Signed___________________________________________ Date___________________________ Minutes Ref: 18 Page 4 (42) It was agreed to write to Aberporth School Council, Blaenporth School Council and Aberporth Youth Club representatives regarding arranging a meeting to discuss their views of the ward.

(43) It was agreed that it is not possible for an ordinary monthly meeting to be arranged in Parcllyn Social Club due to it being a licensed premises.

Community Welcome Audit (44) It was agreed to have a meeting on 22nd September at 6:30pm.

Tidy Towns (45) Tidy Wales week is to be held between 21st – 27th September, clerk has received the free promotional pack. With the agreement of the village hall committee it was agreed to work with the youth club and organise to repair and paint the fencing and gates to the park.

(46) It was agreed to send a thank you letter to Rhiannon & Anne for their continued dedication in keeping the village clear of dog mess.

Chairmans Report (47) Cllr Mike Rennolf reported on the events he had attended over the summer. He had also attended the memorial service for Dic Jones.

Correspondence (48) Invitation to Council from RAFA to attend Battle of Britain Service at St Cynwyls 6pm on 20th Sept and after at social club Parcllyn.

AGM Cymdeithas Tai Cantref on Thurs 10th Sept at 7pm Morlan Centre, Queens Rd, Aberystwyth – please let me know if you wish to attend.

Shelter Cymru invitation to informative event 25th Sept at 9:30am to 12:15 at Cambria buildings Aberystwyth.

Thank you letter from Urdd 2010 appeal SLCC West Wales Committee agenda & minutes Play Wales Nomination & Election of Trustee Board information Update from Adjudication Panel for Wales Local Government Partnership Scheme Report 2008-2009 Grant request from Wales Air Ambulance Grant request from Feed the Children Grant request from Aberporth Rowing Club Clerks & Councils Direct Play for Wales The Voice Information from SLCC bookshop Information from Local Government Boundary Commission from Wales annual report and workshops 2009 – 24th Nov Swansea Grant request from The Pit Pony Sanctuary The Clerk Email: Consultation – Proposed National Assembly for Wales (Legislative Competence) (Local Government) Order 2009 – are contacting OVW for representation of town & community councils.

Email from Cymdeithas re Education in Ceredigion Email from OVW Welsh language policy & legislation updates Email from Environment agency with links to directors bulletin Grant request from Ceredigion Talking Newspaper Email from Unlock democracy re including local councils in sustainable communities act.

Email from CyMAL – advert for public appointment of Members of Museums, Archives & Libraries Wales Advisory Council Email WAG consultation event on proposals to charge on single use carrier bags.

Email from InTouch with communities – Sept newsletter.

Consultation documents: Cardigan Bay & Ynys Enlli to Great Orme Shoreline Management Plan National Assembly Legislative Competence Order relating to community councils & councillor recruitment, retention & allowances Correspondence was noted.

Signed__________________________________________ Date_______________________________ Minutes Ref: 19 Page 5 6. Review Diary (49) It was agreed to have a Procedures Review committee meeting on Tuesday 6th October at6:30pm.

7. Notified Business (50) Cllr Jann Tucker has received complaints about the suitability of the bin located by the turn around point lower welfare park; the swing flap prevents litter being placed inside properly and the gulls then pull everything back out. Clerk to review existing bins and locations and discuss with Shane Pritchard to relocate old bins from the car park.

(51) It was agreed to add an agenda item for Representative Reports.

8. Emergency Any Other Business (52) 9. Date of next meeting is Tuesday 13th October 2009 at 6:30pm in Aberporth Village Hall.

(53) There being no further business the meeting was closed at 9:15pm Signed_________________________________________________ Date______________________ Minutes Ref: 20