A former WREN has just been honoured for work she did in World War II at the top secret code-breaking centre of Bletchley Park.

Great-grandmother Anne Lewis-Smith, who lives in Newport, has been sent a certificate of commendation and a medal by Prime Minister Gordon Brown.

She worked at Bletchley Park between 1944 and 1946.

The commendation says: "The Government wishes to express its deepest gratitude for the service you gave during World War II."

Mrs Lewis-Smith said: "There has been a lot of fuss in recent years about the lack of recognition of those of use who worked there and this came completely out of the blue today. I am very pleased that we have been recognised at last, even though it is more than 60 years ago."

Four years ago she published a book about life at Bletchley Park, called ‘Off Duty’. "You couldn’t write about any of the work we did because it was top secret, but I could write about all our mad exploits while we were off duty."

She and husband Peter moved to the Newport area 30 years ago. They have 20 grandchildren and great grandchildren.