More parking fines given

PCSO Jeff Kedward told members of Newcastle Emlyn Town Council that he'd spoken with several more people regarding parking issues in the town.

He added: "More people have had fines and we will continue to monitor the parking situation."

More skips needed

UNWANTED electrical products are being dumped outside bins and skips in Newcastle Emlyn. PCSO Jeff Kedward told members of Newcastle Emlyn Town Council that children were taking the electrical appliances to the park and breaking them into little pieces.

"I have contacted the Environmental Department in Carmarthenshire County Council to ask them to empty the skips," said a concerned PCSO Kedward.

Traffic chaos

THE traffic chaos in the high street caused by cars and lorries at school times in Newcastle Emlyn is causing quite a stir. Town Councillor Hazel Evans told members of the Town Council that she had been into the Coop store on the high street to ask them to change their delivery times.

"It's frustrating that time of the morning," said Cllr Evans, and Cllr Gareth Williams added: "This morning was particularly bad too."

PCSO Jeff Kedward said he would monitor the situation but that the delivery times by the lorry men are governed by head office.

Welcome pair of hands

TOWN Councillor Gareth Williams thanked PCSO Jeff Kedward at the monthly Town Council meeting in Newcastle Emlyn, for giving up his free time to help lend a hand to clean CCTV cameras.

PCSO Kedward replied by saying: "I fully realise how useful the cameras are."

Work needed at hall

THE Cawdor Hall in Newcastle Emlyn requires a bit of minor work as Cllr Peter Evans explained to members of the Town Council on Thursday night.

' There's a loose slate on the south elevation of the clock tower, and the banding around the new window in the courtyard is very loose.'