The coaching problem at Cardigan Rugby Club following the recent departure of head coach Colin Horscroft has been solved.

Mathew Monaghan and Colin Davies, who have previously had a stint at the helm before they were forced to give up due to family commitments, are back in charge at King George V Playing Field.

There were raised eyebrows when popular and successful coach Horscroft departed after two seasons due to what a club spokesperson said was a "restraint on our budget."

The club decided that senior players would be in charge of training and team selection for the foreseeable future and that if the financial situation improved the appointment of a successor to Horscroft would be considered.

With matters shrouded in uncertainty former coaches Monaghan and Davies offered their services, initially for next season, and it is understood the club was quick to accept.

Colin Davies, a talented backrow forward for the Cardis and Narberth for some years will essentially concentrate on training but the club could call on him to fit in should it be necessary.

Former prop Monaghan, a former Carmarthen Quins youth coach, said he and Davies were pleased to come to the club's aid and looking forward to the challenge in Division 3 West.

"This will be a club effort with some of the senior players helping out and hopefully it will be an exciting time for Cardigan RFC," he said.

The impact the return of Monaghan and Davies has had was evident at a recent training session when more than 30 players attended.