By Anwen Francis

A record breaking show- jumping show was recently held in Penparc near Cardigan with one class having nearly 20 entries. Riders came from near and far to support the show.

Jane Finney, the district commissioner of the Tivyside Pony Club said:

“I would like to thank all the parents and members for their help running what turned out to be a lovely show. The show was well supported and there was a nice atmosphere throughout the day. A special thank you to Anne Wahlam of Croeslan and Rhian James from Cwm Cou for donating their time to come and judge for us and to all volunteers.”

Results as follows: 45cm: Henry Nelson; 2: Soffia Cynwyl; 3: Hafwen Rees. Seniors: Millie Davies. 55cm: 1: Soffia Cynwyl; 2: Tabitha Burkitt; 3: Megan Lewis. Senior: Millie Davies. 60cm: 1:Tabitha Burkitt. Seniors:1: Jo Collins; 2: Jackie Kenwood.

65cm: 1: Grace Morris; 2: Rabitha Burkitt; 3: Sioned Lewis. Seniors: 1:Jackie Kenwood; 2: Hope Davies; 3: Debbie Clapp. Pairs: Mike Viner and Caitlin Jeffrey; 2: Wmffra George and Genna George.70cm: 1:Grace Morris; 2: Caitlin Jeffrey. Seniors: 1: Mille Davies; 2: Christine Selby; 3: Hannah McLoughlin. 75cm: 1: Abby Painter; 2: Cari James; 3: Ellie Fuller. Seniors: 1: Debbie Clap; 2: Mike Viner; 3: Hannah McLoughlin. 80cm: 1: Abby Painter; 2: Abby Painter;3: Abby Painter. Seniors: 1: Debbie Clapp; 2: Genna George; 3: Genna George. The Silver Jubilee cup to highest placed TPC member goes to Cari James. 90cm: 1: Abby Painter. Seniors: 1: Hannah McLoughlin; 2: Sian Jones; 3: Genna George.1m: Sion Lewis.

1.05m: Sion Lewis. The Gwynfor Davies Cup to highest placed TPC member goes to Sion Lewis.