A fast-growing form of exercise in the Teifi Valley and south Ceredigion involving riding an exercise bike i a swimming pool is set to raise funds for a national cancer charity.

Hydrospin involves participants riding 22kg stainless steel aquabikes in similar fashion to exercise backs waist deep in water.

The innovative exercise introduced to this area by 31-year-old lifeguard David Maund of Newcastle Emlyn, aims to improve overall well-being as well as aiding weight loss, increasing full body strength and endurance and improving cardiovascular fitness.

On Friday, August 29 the Hydrospin instructor and friends will undertake a marathon 12-hour stint at four swimming pools in the area with all proceeds going to the Cancer Research UK charity.

The gruelling marathon takes place at Newcastle Emlyn between 9am and 11.30am; Cardigan (12.30pm-2pm); Llandysul (3pm-6pm) and Aberaeron (7pm-9pm) with the friends in the water for a total of nine hours.