FATHER and daughter James Allsworth and Paige Allsworth went through a tough and demanding grading on the 21st September and were successful in gaining their grade of 1st Dan black belt. James and Paige were former students of sensei Sarah Jones and Luke Wilson at their crymych dojo. Sarah and Luke went to New Zealand for a few months last year, so to continue their training they started to train with Sensei Aneurin Mathias of Irimi Kai Karate club in Cilgerran, and it has been my privilege to help get them through their black belt grade. They were graded under the watchful eye of 6 senior instructors and were complimented on the standard on the day, they graded on a long list of basics, Kata, free fighting self defence and throws which has now been added to our syllabus, there was also a thesis and an exam on the Japanese terminology prior to the grade . Congratulations from sensei Aneurin Mathias 3rd Dan, sensei Jason Goldsmith 2nd Dan. Any one interested in training with irimi kai karate club in Cilgerran please contact Aneurin Mathias on 07968 618605/01239 614264.